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        Welcome to MADD Talent.  We hope you will take a minute and register as one of our members while you are here.  MADD Talent is primarily a sports related social media site, but we have many members that possess MADD Talent in other areas as well.  Joining our community of members with MADD Talent takes less than a minute and can be done by clicking on the below link.


        MADD Talent has all the social media applications that you love and we know that once you are a member of MADD Talent you will be thankful you joined because we have everything you, the sports enthusiast, wants and needs, which is much more than all the other social sites you may already be a member of.


  Participate in MADD Talent's GameTime
  Show off your MADD Talent to the world
  Build your Fan Base
  Meet Fellow Fans From Around the World
  Support Your Favorite Team


        As a member of MADD Talent you will get to partake in GameTime, which is just one of our many proprietary social applications that you just won’t find anywhere else on the World Wide Web.  You can also join your favorite MADD Talent group in any of the following categories shown below and support your favorite team’s right down to the championship.

So get off the bench and get in the game on MADD Talent!

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If you are hoping to be one of those fortunate athletes that lands one of those highly sought after college scholarships, click above to join MADD Talent and begin taking advantage of our proprietary StatBlast application.  StatBlast will place your athletic abilities in front of college scouts.

Stop waiting and hoping to be discovered!  Take the reigns and direct your future by joining MADD Talent and put yourself in front of the people that are out there looking for you and your MADD Talent.  Our proprietary Live Events application enables you to be seen by millions of people around the world.