September 2016 Member of the Month
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Cameron Parker

MADD Talent's Member of the Month

            Cameron Parker is a young aspiring sports journalist attending the University of Texas at Austin.  Cameron was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but grew up in Austin, Texas.  It’s no wonder he learned to love sports as Texas is well known for it’s sports.  He enjoys covering all sports, but loves to write about Tony Romo and games like NBA basketball, MLB baseball and all college sports as well.  Basically, he loves to write about anything with a ball.

            There is so much more to this young aspiring sports journalist and the best way you can learn more about him is to join MADD Talent if you are not already a member and then become a fan of his on MADD Talent.  Then you will receive all the post that he submits on MADD Talent and can read his personal profile.  To see Cameron Parker's MADD Talent profile, CLICK HERE.  Even more, Cameron is one of MADD Talent Time’s authors and has an article you will most definitely want to read in this month’s edition of MADD Talent Times.

            MADD Talent member, Cameron Parker, can be found here on MADD Talent.  We highly recommend you sending him a MADD Talent Fan request and following him closely as this is a man on a mission and we know you will enjoy reading his articles.

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