Writers Wanted
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Writers Wanted

        Would you like to have your articles published in our online publication?  If you have never had your work published and would like to, MADD Talent is just the place to start.  Okay, so you don’t have any experience, or maybe you are still in school or you currently have another profession but love to write.  Whatever the reason, we would love to give you the opportunity to write about things you love and publish them in  MADD Talent Times for the whole world to read.

        Doing this is much easier than you might think!  The first thing you will need to do is become a registered member of MADD Talent, which you can do from here; http://madd-talent.com/register.  After you have become a registered member of MADD Talent, which will take you less than a minute to complete, all you need to do is complete the "Author Registration" form, which is located here; MADD Talent Author Registration.  We will be notified as soon as you submit the form and process your request ASAP.  Once you have been approved, you will then be a certified MADD Talent Author and will have access to your own MADD Talent Author C-Panel that will allow you to:

  • Set up your MADD Talent Author Profile.
  • Submit and Edit your articles.
  • Add any required media for your articles.

Why is this beneficial for you?

  • You get to write about what you want to write about.
  • You’re articles are published in an online magazine.
  • You begin the process of building a readership following.
  •  You now have published articles that you can use as reference in getting one of those high paying journalist jobs with one of the major newspapers through-out the world.

So if you have dreamed of being a writer and for whatever reason have not done it, you now have no excuses not to at least try it.  Come register to be a member of MADD Talent and get in the game.  You can register as a member here; http://www.madd-talent.com/register or to make things easier, you can register using your Facebook information even faster.

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