Absolute Proof

            Robert De Niro has been receiving a lot of attention for his comments about the sitting President of The United States of America.  On the morning show, The View, De Niro said “…Of course I want to punch him” Speaking of the president.  Let’s be honest just for a millisecond.  Robert De Niro has never contributed anything to society beyond being an actor.  Yes, maybe one of the greatest actors we have ever seen on the big-screen, but JUST an actor none the less.  These negative comments are coming from a man that was not even capable of graduating from high school.  Granted, he has become a great actor and we are not questioning his acting ability but let’s face it, that provides the world with nothing but entertainment.

            Some of De Niro’s greatest roles where playing gangsters.  Gangsters in movies that I myself have enjoyed and have watched more than once.  But do we really need to hear a man that spent his life glorifying gangsters?  This is a joke.  My greatest accomplishments in life have all been through my children.  Seeing them graduate from high school and later college is something that most American’s hope that they are able to encourage their children to do.  De Niro killed people in movies and made more money doing that than most of the people in the world make in a year working 60 plus hours a week.

            I am not suggesting that De Niro needs to like or even love our sitting President.  However, as a veteran of The United States Army, I am very offended that a scum bag like Robert De Niro is making such vile comments about a man that has accomplished more in 1 day of his life than Robert De Niro has accomplished in all his sorry-ass years of existence.  I am 6’-4-1/2” tall and weigh about 220 pounds and all I have to say is, Bob, I am so offended by your words, I am willing to give you my address so you can come over to my house and punch me in the face.  All your coward ass needs to do is contact me and I will be happy to give you my address you coward. 

I will never watch another movie this piece of shit is in again in my life and not because he does not like our president.  I refuse to spend my hard-earned money to glorify a coward and let me be perfectly clear about this.  Robert De Niro is the biggest coward I have ever seen in my life.  This phony would be hard pressed to fight his way out of a wet paper bag.  This good-for-nothing loser goes on TV, hiding behind the camera, as he has his whole life, pretending to be something he could never be in reality.  What on earth makes this child of a man think anyone wants to hear anything he has to say outside a script he has memorized for one of his movies.  Bob, shut up!  No one really cares what your worthless point of view is.

You want to impress me Bob?  Go back to high school and graduate.  Like it or not, you are just a high school drop-out.  Show the world that you are actually capable of completing something that matters in life rather than faking it on the silver screen.  Better yet!  Pull up your pants you coward and join the military and put your life on the line for real like the millions of American servicemen and servicewoman that have voluntarily chosen to do.  What your simple mind is incapable of comprehending is that millions of men and woman across the United States have lost their lives and continue to risk their lives defending this country, in service for this man we call Mr. President, and this country that you show absolutely no respect for.  So when you make the dumb-ass comments you make for the purpose of drawing attention to yourself to sell more tickets, you offend every single one of us.  Bob, shut up! 

If you really want to act like a hero, come to my house.  I will stand in front of your Coward-Ass while you take the first swing.  Just remember, when I beat you like the Sally-coward that you are, you came to me.  I am not going to hide behind a bunch of vile hateful woman on The View and pretend to be something I am not.  I am here and I promise you Bob that I will not run.  If you need, I will even pay for your ticket.  I am happy to extend this same offer to any of the other Hollywood celebrities that are making vile comments about our President as well.  So if Johnny Depp or any other want-to-be hero wants to take me up on my offer, just contact me and I will buy the ticket.

Look, no one has to like any President that is elected to The Office of the Whitehouse.  This is not about that.  This is about respect!  Something none of these piss-ass-pretenders in Hollywood are capable of.  My father raised me to be a man.  He raised me to believe that the worst thing any man could be is a coward.  I grew up being afraid of being afraid.  My father would make me go out in the street and punch any man that said a negative thing about my mother.  My word is my word.  I don’t raise my voice to women simply out of respect.  Like the majority of the world, my family only comes second to God.  I don’t question authority disrespectfully and I don’t even pretend to be a criminal.  I work hard everyday of my life and started when I was 10 years old earning about $100.00 a week mowing my neighbors lawns.

I served my country in The United States Army and was deployed overseas to the Gulf War and because of that, more than Robert De Niro, Whoopie Goldberg, Johnny Depp and all the other hate spewers in Hollywood that have contributed nothing to society beyond entertainment, I am just tired of your cowardly asses using your celebrity status to trash this country by trash talking our President.  I am sorry if you coward-ass American Hollywood socialites don’t like hearing this.  But I think it’s time that more people stand up and tell you all to just shut up and make movies.  In case you don’t know, you have no value in life beyond the Silver Screen.  None of you are educating anyone.  None of you are contributing anything positive to society and most importantly, none of you have ever defended this great country.  All you have accomplished; is to take all you have for granted like it’s owed to you. 

The only value people like Robert De Niro, Whoopie Goldberg, Johnny Depp and the likes have is the $8.00 movie ticket I purchase when I am bored and have nothing better to do than go see a movie.  So shut the F*** up!  We really don’t care about your worthless opinion.  Bob, you are the biggest phony and coward I have ever seen in my life.  Whoopie, we loved you for one reason only.  You use to be funny.  Johnny, comb your hair and stand up straight like a man.  None of you Hollywood idiots seem to have respect even for yourselves so I should not be surprised that you have no respect for our country either.  That’s what none of you seem to understand so let me give you an example of what your hate could do.

You may remember the NFL football player Colin Kaepernick.  Mr. Kaepernick was a great NFL quarterback with a promising career ahead of him.  Mr. Kaepernick was rightfully outraged because of the injustice that he and the world saw in the United States.  No one has ever questioned if Mr. Kaepernick was right when he expressed his indignation of what was going on.  However, Mr. Kaepernick decided to use his celebrity status to start a national protest by kneeling down during the National Anthem.  Stupid decision made by a great athlete whose heart was in the right place.  His NFL career that could have been great ended because of the disrespect he displayed for America and most importantly, the men and woman that lost their lives defending it.

As right as Mr. Kaepernick was, American’s will always put country first and this man just did not count on people hating the way he voiced his correct but disrespectful position on injustice.  This is just one example of the damage that hate can and will bring to yourself and most importantly, your own actions will review the true character of who you are as it does for all of us.  I don’t wish ill health on any of you Hollywood socialites.  I do pray that you will all use your celebrity status to promote good.  Be an example.  Show the world that we are not the petty spoiled brats that you all look like.  While I wore my uniform when I was in the United States Army, I represented The United States of America.  I was in my small way, a symbol of hope to people around the world simply because of what we are so privileged to have as citizens of the United States.

My representation of the US while wearing that uniform was small compared to what all of you Hollywood socialites have, and could do.  But because of your disrespect for our country and the American people around you and that pay your salaries, you are all your own worse enemies.  You are all capable of causing more harm to yourself than I think you realize.  Not-to-mention the shame you bring on our country.  I have been privileged to travel all over this world and seen people that have nothing, living in the streets in complete and real poverty.  I have spoken to these individuals in some of the poorest areas in India and other places that would give their life to come to America and what do all of these suffering people see?  You disrespectful and spoiled idiots.  So please, just shut up.