Most importantly, thank you for joining us here on MADD Talent.  The below will be the basic functions of MADD Talent so if you are looking to customize your personal page, just select the item below to see how to do what it is you want to do.  This will of course be a growing list, so please keep coming back or ask me for help.


Below is your default MADD Talent profile page.  The gear icon inside the yellow circle is what you chose to modify, edit or add anything you want to your profile.  If you select the gear once with your mouse, a drop down menu will appear with the list of all the items you can modify from here.  I will start with the large image that represents your profile cover image.  

  1. Select the gear.
  2. Select "Modify Cover"
  3. A "Change Profile Cover" dialog box will pop up.  When this happens, select the blue "Upload Photos" trigger and it will open explorer for you so you can select the image you would like to have as your Profile Cover.